Fresh from the loom

Fresh off the Schacht Standard!

I love my 8 shaft Schacht Standard floor loom!

I recently dressed it with 2 of my hand dyed warps along with some solid threads thrown in to outline the stripes. My hand dyed yarn is 10/2 mercerized cotton and the weft was 8/2 Maurice Brassard cotton in black. My plan was to weave yardage, and once it’s finished I’ll let the fabric decide what it wants to be.

Not long ago I saw my friend Sybil who had given me her copy of “The Coverlet Book” by Helene Bress and she asked me if I had looked at it. I couldn’t lie and told her no, as the idea of making a coverlet is an overwhelming one for me. She reminded me that I didn’t have to make a complete coverlet, but to use the book as a reference for designing my own drafts.

So as soon as I got home I took the book out and to my delight found out what a great reference it is. Of course Sybil has never steered me wrong, she was my first mentor and enabler into my fiber journey and I can’t thank her enough!

The Coverlet Book is a compilation of Helene Bress studies of old coverlets of which she then transcribed into drafts that weavers today are taught to read.

The Coverlet Book also comes with a CD with .wif files for many of the drafts in the book(s). I’ve seen it on Amazon for $70 or so.

Now, on to my fabric fresh from the Schacht Standard 🙂

I took several threading sequences that I liked from The Coverlet Book and entered them into my PC Fiberworks software. Once I had a pattern I liked, I selected it and mirrored the draft. The draft ended up consisting of 549 threads so when tromp as writ, one repeat when woven was 549 throws to complete.

That’s a pretty long repeat so a great time to break out my handy treadle tracker and attach it to the castle of my Schacht Standard. Then I write out the treadling sequence, break the throws down into smaller sequences, and it’s really not hard at all.

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