Beaming trick using hand weights and my weaving bench.

I was recently dressing my Schacht Standard floor loom using the back to front method and had been using a warping trapeze that my husband had made for me. I hang hand weights in drawstring bags with S hooks from the warp for tension. When I got near the end of the warp and because I have dogs that shed A LOT I didn’t want the warp to lay on the floor while I cranked on the last few yards.

Getting ready to crank on the night before:

Starting to beam:

Because I didn’t want the warp to lay on the floor I thought, why not use my Walt Turpening bench to hang the warp and weights from??? It’s got felt on the bottom of the legs and slides perfectly on my wood floors:

Recently I dressed my Louet Spring using only the bench. As I wind the warp on the bench slides up to the loom. I think for now the trapeze may stay in the closet:


Ta Da!!