Homemade Treadle Tracker

Occasionally I will post a new technique I’ve learned or a simple hack that everybody can use!

Here’s my Homemade Treadle Tracker that I made for $1

  • I went to the Dollar Store and bought a refrigerator dry erase board. I removed the plastic edge and tore the magnets off the back of the board. Then I wrapped the edges of the piece of sheet metal that was left with Duct tape. I use “Frog” brand masking tape to tape the treadle tracker to the castle of my loom or sometimes I tape it to the right side of my beater bar.
  • The magnets that I tore off the back of the dry erase board hold my notes to the¬†treadle tracker and I move them as I go to cover up the treadling I’ve already done. As you can see I’m also using a store bought business card size magnet too.
  • I have to fold the paper and flip it over a couple times as I go through this 549 ¬†shot repeat, but the magnets make keeping track of where I’m at in my treadling a breeze. If I have to stop mid sequence I use a pencil to circle the last throw I made. Love my Homemade Treadle Tracker!