Schacht Cherry Baby Wolf Weaving Loom Spinning Wheels and Hand Dyed Pre-Wound Warps

Lashing or Tieing on a New Warp

In this tutorial I’m going to show you what I do if I want to cut off a sample and lash the existing warp back on to my loom. Or, if I’ve gotten to the end of my warp and want to tie a new warp on to the threads that are still on the loom.

In the first two pictures below you can see where I wove an extra 2 inches of plain weave at the end of my fabric. Then I inserted a stick, however a dowel will work too, and wove another 2-3 inches of plain weave. My plan with this warp was to lash the existing warp back to the apron rod and continue weaving. Once my stick was in place I ran 2 lines of super glue to cut between and let them dry.

Click on the pictures to see them larger.

In the picture below you can see where I’ve cut between the lines of super glue and cut the fabric from the loom. Now I’m ready to either lash the warp back on to my apron rod or tie on a new warp.

If I’m going to tie on a new warp I simply tie the stick to my apron rod with a strip of 1 inch fabric on each side and apply some tension.

Also note that if I were going to tie on a new warp I would have only woven 1/2″ behind the stick versus the 2-3″ you see in the picture above. The 1/2″ of weaving holds the threads in place and being able to put them back under tension makes them easy to pick off as I tie on the new warp.

If I’ve cut off a sampler and want to lash the stick back to my apron rod I still tie the stick to my apron rod with my 1″ strips of fabric to hold them together as I lash, and then I tie a long shoelace to the apron bar, starting on the right side of the fabric and working towards the left, and start to lash.

  • When I start to lash my stick to the apron bar, after I tie the shoelace to it, I wrap the shoelace around the stick and the apron bar one time before starting to run the shoelace up and through the warp threads.
  • Now I can start lashing the stick to the apron bar by running the shoelace up from the bottom every 1-1.5″ or so. However the first point of entry and the last exit need to be close to the selvedge to keep the fabric spread. You can see I started 8-10 threads in from the right.

Also, see in the last picture where I did not have the texolve holding the apron bar perfectly aligned. I realized this about half way across but continued anyway and it worked fine.

Continue lashing across until the stick is fully lashed to the apron bar, set the tension and you’re all ready to weave again!