Pup 8/10 front

New Wolf Pup 8/10 Review

Here are pictures of my brand new Schacht Wolf Pup 8/10.

So far I like the loom a lot. It’s built and weaves much like the other Wolf looms except for the brake location. The 8/10 is essentially a narrowed down version of the Baby Wolf thus it weighs only 2 pounds less. I wish it were lighter.

Pup 8/10 front Pup 8/10 right side Wolf Pup 8/10 left side

I’ve dressed my loom with a straight draw 1-8 and my tie-up is a turned rose path. Treadle 1 = 1258, treadle 2 = 2378, treadle 3 = 3467, treadle 4 = 1456 so I think a fairly balanced weave. Treadle 1 and 3 wanted to float so I employed the treadle aid to solve that.

Notice in the picture below where I’ve added a rubber band to the end of the treadles that are in use. I’ve done this to keep the treadle aid ties attached to the treadle. They come down pretty much straight above the end of the treadle and I think they could easily slip off, easily remedied though. It also seems that pushing the treadle aid tie and rubber band a couple inches down the treadle is making the treadle aid work better.

Treadle Aid

I want to comment that I’ve done this same threading and tie up on my 8H Baby Wolf and not had a problem with floating shafts. In defense of the Pup though, my project called for 420 threads @ 20 epi so I only have 60 heddles per shaft on the loom threaded 2 per dent in a 10 dent reed which pretty much uses the entire width of the reed. Perhaps more heddles would add weight and keep the shaft from floating. My 8H Baby Wolf has 100 heddles per shaft unless I’ve had to move them around so definitely a difference in weight.

The loom ships with 600 heddles which = 75 per harness. Another thing to note is that because of the narrowness of the loom there isn’t much space if any for extra heddles at each side of the shaft if your project requires the full weaving width. You’ll definitely want to do a shaft count before threading as removing heddles after the fact isn’t any fun so you’ll want to space the extras out as you thread and not leave them pushed to the sides. If so they may cause abrasion and/or your warp threads may not maintain a straight line from front to back on the sides.

A unique feature of the Pup 8/10 is how the outer most treadles are tied up. Instead of the long slot in which to thread the tie-ups there is a long bolt attached to the inside of the treadle. You simply unscrew the end knob, pull the bolt out of the rear eye, run the bolt through the treadle tie-ups you want to use, thread the bolt through the rear eye and screw the knob back on. Also notice that the tie-ups for the outer most treadles slip through the hole where the metal jack(s) attach to the lamms.

dsc_2600 dsc_2604  dsc_2607

As far as a comparison between the Pup 8/10 and an 8/10 Baby Wolf I would say that width and cost are the main differences between the two. The floating shaft issue can easily be dealt with so it’s no big deal.

If weight is an issue I would recommend sticking with the 4 harness Pup LT as it only weighs 40 pounds vs 70 +/- for the Pup 8/10 and 8/10 Baby Wolf depending on whether they have a high castle or not, of course that doesn’t get you 8 harnesses though.

The height difference with castle when the loom is folded between an 8/10 and Baby wolf is 1”. 8/10 = 48” tall, BW = 49”. I can get either loom in and out of my car by myself but I can’t get the heavier ones up and down stairs without help.