Romney Fleece from Grace Valley Farms

It’s been a fairly busy week here. Monday brought a new Romney fleece freshly shorn from Montana’s Grace Valley Farms. Unfortunately this will be their last fleece offering and they will be missed by many spinners!

I was fortunate enough to get one Romney fleece, “Daffodil’s”, and it arrived via USPS in this box:

Romney Fleece

Most of the fleece from Grace Valley Farms has been coated therefor much less work to clean and no VM.

Before washing, the fleece weighed approximately 6 pounds. Once I get it all washed I’ll weigh it again to see how much I lost due to lanolin.

When I first opened the box the bag of fleece had been somewhat “vacuum” sealed, not much air in the bag at all.  I opened the box, took a look, and then went on to do some other chores. When I came back an hour later the plastic bag had “bloomed” it’s way out of the box.

Romney fleece

Big crimpy luscious french fries!! The staple length without stretching is 4-6″, this is an amazing fleece!

If you’re lucky enough to get an entire fleece as nice as this one and that has been prepared properly, once you remove it from the bag it will unroll and then unfold on each side.

Here’s a picture of Daffodil’s fleece unrolled on my 4′ x 12′ work table:

Romney Fleece

The picture above doesn’t show the fleece unfolded, and once the sides were unfolded the fleece was twice as wide. Silly me didn’t think to take a picture of that before I started washing the fleece but it would have been falling off the edges of the table.

DSC_1291 Romney Fleece Romney Fleece Romney Fleece

I’ve got most of the fleece washed, here’s a before and after picture:

Romney Fleece

The fleece washed up beautifully and only took 2 washings and one rinse to get clean. For my last soak I added a glug of vinegar and a few drops of peppermint oil to help keep the fleece soft and balance the ph.

Now time to get spinning!