Shaft Risers for 4 or 8 shaft Schacht looms

Greetings! I’m wanting to introduce my hubby’s latest shaft riser design that works well on both four and eight shaft Schacht looms. I’m guessing they will work on other looms that area made similarly in that the shafts ride in a track and there are cross pieces for the riser to sit on. If not, this riser may not work on your loom.

In the pictures below you’ll see a shaft riser in place on my eight shaft 36″ Schacht Standard and my 18″ Wolf Pup LT.  For looms 36″ and wider I would recommend using 2 risers, one for each side. For Baby Wolf and Wolf Pup looms one riser will work fine.

In the pictures of my 36″ Standard I’m only using one riser inserted on the left side of the loom and you can see where the shafts are leaning towards the right. I can still thread just fine with one riser in this case, but I would definitely recommend two risers for a 45″ or wider loom.

One extra feature when using the riser on a four shaft loom is that you can adjust the height that the risers sit at by moving the riser from front to rear.

The risers will come sanded and ready for you to apply whatever finish you’d like or you can leave them natural. I like to use Danish Watco Oil or Howard’s Feed & Wax.

I’ve made videos showing how to use the riser on my Baby Wolf and Wolf Pup LT:  




The risers are $28 each or $50 per pair plus $7 priority flat rate shipping.


36″ eight shaft Schacht Standard:



Wolf Pup LT:

You can adjust the placement of the riser on the four shaft looms, start on lowest riser:

Or move up a couple steps: