Kathrin Weber November 5-9, 2018


Blazing Shuttles Outer Banks Retreat 2018

Explore: Designing at the Reed, Nontraditional Set-up Techniques Using Multiple Warps, Weaving, Spending Time with Blazing Shuttles Friends on the Outer Banks of NC, and Constructing Finished Product

We are doing something new in 2018 for the Blazing Shuttles Retreat! Instead of one big class we are going to have 2 smaller classes going on at the same time with 2 teachers and 2 different weaving concentrations. As usual, I will bring a pile of warps and skeins for everyone to choose from that I dye especially for the Retreats. These are a wide range of colors, textures, yarn types that are not available in my yarn shop. There will be plenty to choose from for the Retreat…and the rest will can go home with you for future projects.

Class Descriptions:

One class is my regular workshop in which we work with color and learn lots of ways to design, to setup and to manipulate multiple warps in a single set-up for different effects. If you have never taken a class with me, you might want to take this one. If you have taken several classes with me and just love working through this process each time to master different aspects of the Weber Way, you might want to take it again. I am the Go To teacher for this one. I call it Boot Camp.

The second is a new class that explores some specific techniques in designing and choosing yarn. This one will focus on using yarn in innovative, effective, and non-traditional ways. Pretend you have several hand-dyed warps and skeins in a variety of weights, yarn types, textures and colorways and you also have several cones of yarn in solid colors that are in your yarn closet…and you aren’t sure if you can use them together. OR you might want to know how to use a very small amount of expensive hand-dyed yarn mixed with a larger amount of more affordable background yarn to make a dazzling finished piece. OR you might like to know innovative ways to use big, luscious, textured skein dyed threads to create fabric in a wide variety of weights – from light weight fabric to heavy weight fabric. You can do that! Linda will be the Go To teacher for this one. We call it Casseroles.

Whichever class you take, there will be full class demos on how to handle yarn without tangling it, how to make the perfect chain, how to setup and design using a dummy warp, how to split warps so you can use some now and save some for later, how to shift colors in dyed warps to create color flow.

Everyone will have the option to work toward finished pieces to take home. The Bags class we did in 2016 was so much fun that I would love to do that again! If you don’t want to make Bags but would rather make pillows or table linens to take home, that is fine, too. Or you can put on a longer warp and keep weaving until the very end if you would rather do that. I am happy to talk with you before class about how you would like to spend your time.

The schedule will run like this: (with additional evening activities planned for some evenings)

Sunday arrive, meet, greet, get settled in.

Monday meet as a larger group, talk about the week, choose yarn and start the weaving classes!

Monday – Wednesday will be full on weaving with instruction.

Thursday is an open day to wash/wet finish your fabric, explore the coast, sleep in, keep weaving, or whatever you’d like to do!

Friday is construction day!

Saturday we pack up and head home.

There is no Dye day planned for this Retreat.

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