Woven Yardage

Woven Yardage Using 4 Hand Dyed Warps

I recently dressed my 8 Shaft Schacht Standard Floor Loom with four of my hand dyed warps to weave some yardage. The warps I used were two of my Van Gough warps, one Rusty Rose, and one Starry Night. All combined the warp consisted of 800 ends of 6/2 bamboo sett at 24 epi. I used one 200 thread warp in the middle, then split the remaining three 200 thread warps into 100 thread stripes on each side.

I always like to experiment with various weft colors at the beginning of a warp and usually cut off, wash, and dry a sample before continuing. This time, especially being a bamboo warp, I didn’t bother to do that for this woven yardage. The only reason I say “especially being bamboo” is that I knew I wouldn’t have a piece of fabric that I could use as a towel which is what many of my samplers have turned into.

As you’ll see below I played with weft colors at the beginning of the warp and finally settled on rust.

Now that I’m actually done weaving I’m thinking that stripes of different weft colors might have made the resulting fabric more interesting. Of course we all know about hind site…

As it goes though, I stuck with the rust in an 8/2 tencel for my weft. Rust is my “go to” color when all else fails. In this instance I felt that it still showed my twill pattern but also played up the colors in the warps well.

In the beginning, my freshly dressed loom ready to tie on to the front apron rod:

Woven Yardage

Now to play with some different weft colors. I tried a sage green, burgundy, light pink, fuchsia, light blue, and rust:

Woven Yardage

The green, I liked it but felt like it didn’t show off the twill enough:

Woven Yardage

The rust won:

Woven Yardage Woven Yardage Woven Yardage

Not sure yet what will become of this woven yardage but possibly a jacket or vest when I take Daryl Lancaster’s workshop this fall. I am so excited to be hosting her workshop here in the Outer Banks!

Woven Yardage Woven Yardage Woven Yardage Woven Yardage Woven Yardage Woven Yardage

The “Ta Da” moment:

Woven Yardage

Finished measurements for my woven yardage once off the loom and with ends surged were 30-5/8″ wide by 15′-2″. I will measure again once it’s dry and update the post 🙂

Wet finished measurements once dry are 27.5″ wide by 12′-6″ long.

Woven Yardage Woven Yardage Woven Yardage Woven Yardage Woven Yardage